Band Wagon 2


We need your support to meet BandWagon 2’s goal!

What is BandWagon 2?

An endowment to fund the middle school music programs in Rockford Public Schools. The BandWagon 2 endowment will provide stable support for instruments, sheet music and uniforms.

Who is involved?

CFNIL and RPS have each committed $100,000 to BandWagon 2. It is the shared goal of these organizations to raise an additional $100,000 from the community for a total endowment of $300,000.

How is the fundraising campaign doing?

As of April 14, 2015, CFNIL and RPS have raised $77,000 of the $100,000 community fundraising goal.

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Why an endowment?

Fine arts programs are usually the first items cut in times of budget crisis. An endowment ensures that music programs at RPS can endure in any economic climate. This is because endowments provide ongoing financial support by using the income earnings on the principal to support institutions or programs, like BandWagon 2, in perpetuity. CFNIL safeguards the principal of the funds entrusted to it by prudently investing for both growth and preservation. More than 90% of the funds at CFNIL are permanently endowed.

Why are music programs important?

The benefits of quality music programs extend far beyond the band room. Musically rich environments help children’s language development, spatial-temporal skills and test scores. As Ehren Jarrett, Superintendent of RPS, says “We don’t believe that outstanding music programs are nice to have; we believe that they are essential to have in terms of having high quality fine arts opportunities for our students.”

 How can I help?

There are many ways you can help:

  1. Donate online by clicking the button below or by check. (Please make checks out to the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and write “BandWagon 2” on the memo line.)
  2. Become an advocate for music education in our schools by telling your friends, family and co-workers about BandWagon 2!

By donating to BandWagon 2, you are not only contributing to the health of our schools, but you are making a lasting investment in Rockford’s future and culture.

Donate to BandWagon 2!
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